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Summer Fun Reading Programme - July 2022

Summer Fun

“Labor for learning before you grow old;

   For learning is better than silver or gold.

   Silver and gold will vanish away,

   but a good education will never decay.”

 - - (Unknown Author) --

                                As you know, reading is fundamental in helping us find and convey information. It's                                         an essential skill that's developed at a very young age. Learning to read through stories                                 being read aloud, and with added dramatization is truly a win-win for our struggling                                       learners - children learn through play! 

                                “Reading is FUNdamental” and this is exactly what our Summer FUN Reading Programme has embodied.  WWFK understands that PLAY is the highest form of research and is essential in learning in kids and adults. For our 2022 Summer FUN Reading Programme we were able for this initiative, to target in total eight (8) schools, preparatory and primary, which was five (5) more than the previous year. We partnered with three local authors and three guest authors, and four guest readers to really drive this initiative. We felt it was important for the children to meet these authors and connect even more with the books. Using books by Jamaican Authors allowed the kids to see themselves in the stories that are represented in the local books.  Our Summer FUN Reading Programme also used PLAY together with Art, role-play and music as key ingredients in fostering and developing the love of reading in kids. These interactive sessions allowed the children to express themselves in ways they may not have been able to before in class which encouraged and built their confidence and memory retention. Help us break the cycle of “Illiterate kids”!  Partner with us and make your brand be a part of something good and everlasting.  Join us as we make “today readers tomorrow leaders”!  Our programme has the data to show the astounding results and rewarding benefits through reading books.  We not only teach kids to read, we sharpen brains, build critical minds, increase empathy, expand vocabularies and improve concentration in kids.  These are life-long skills that are essential in one’s life.  Join us as we build a better country through reading books! ("Summer Fun Reading - Youtube")

Thanks, to our sponsors AYS Global Consults Limited, Irie Jam FM Radio, Jemar Printery Limited, JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation, JTA Co-operative Credit Union, Kozy Korner Books N More, Pencils4Kids, Rotary Club of Manor Park, The Bridge FM, The Vincent Hosang Family Foundation.


Summer Fun Reading Programme - July 2021

Thank You, 

Winsome Wishes for KIDS (WWKIDS) would like to thank all our sponsors and guest readers, authors and facilitators of our Summer Fun Reading Program (a part of our Ready* project); because of your kind generosity, the reading initiative was a resounding success!!!!

 We are enormously grateful for your help in making stories and adventures come alive in the classroom for our Nation’s children. While the reading sessions were held at our pilot schools during their summer camps, children from schools around the country got the opportunity to participate.  Students from primary and basic schools who are reading below grade average were especially encouraged to join in, as the syllabus is designed to boost their confidence and interest in reading. 

 Conceptualized to embrace creativity and fun, our Summer Fun Reading featured luminaries reading aloud, bringing books alive to help our children to develop a habit of reading, music, dance and acting were integrated as part of the story-telling scenario. Our celebrity readers included athletes Alia Atkinson, Olympian and Special Olympic Ambassador and Akeem Preistley, international soccer player; authors Ronique Holgate, Alison Latchman, Kelly Magnus, and Juleus Ghunta, who featured their own works; and representatives from some of our corporate sponsors. A total of 55 children got to enjoy Summer Fun Reading, and it was such a hit, our pilot schools will incorporate a similar programme in their curriculum starting September 2021. 

In addition, we at WWKIDS certainly aim to build upon our accomplishment by making this an annual occurrence.  And as we grow, corporate donors and sponsors such as you and your company are vital to the success of our organization’s mission. This summer, your gift helped further our goal of early childhood literacy; and moving forward, your continued advocacy and support will be invaluable as we seek to end inequity in Jamaican classrooms.


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