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GraphoGame is a fun, child-friendly phonics tool that helps children learn and train, letters, letter-sounds and blending. The game is based on an academically studied methodology and has been developed by linguists, neuropsychologists and speech pathologists to help children, including struggling readers, train their first and most fundamental skills in literacy.

GraphoGame teaches children letters, syllables and words through a variety of levels with the child’s own unique avatar using a dynamic level-design that adapts to the skill level of the student.

Grapho Group will launch the "American English" GraphoGame version as a free-to-download application in Jamaica, on Apple iOS, Microsoft and Android App Stores. Click on the link below or scan the QR code. or scan the QR code. (Install video below)


Install Instructions

Who is GraphoGame? 

Grapho Group Oy is a Finland-based educational technology company that owns and distributes the GraphoGame early literacy learning app.

  • It is the world's most-researched game and has proven efficacy in achieving basic literacy as effectively as 1-to-1 teacher support, with adult supervision.  The U.S. English version was developed by Haskins Global Literacy Hub and the Centre for Neuroscience in Education at Cambridge University.

  • GraphoGame is COPPA, CCPA and GDPR-compliant, and we do not collect any data through the app. It is designed for 4- to 9-year-olds.

  • Fun 3D phonics game with researched content that focuses on phonemes. After mastering all the letter-sound connections, students combine the sounds to make syllables (blending) and finally into words  Teaching starts with the easiest units of speech, eventually advancing to challenging syllables and eventually complicated words (the synthetic approach)

  • The game has been designed to be played without adult supervision.  GraphoGame collects valuable insights into how your young students are progressing.  The game supports literacy and dyslexia interventions by helping to identify where students may require further support

  • Parents have access to students’ learning progress data

  • Also can assist those adults that have reading challenges… as its accessible for all

  • GraphoGame is a free-to-download application in Jamaica, available on commonly used operating systems.  The game does not require internet connectivity after the initial download.

Hardware Requirements

All GraphoGame language versions require the following minimum hardware specifications (see below for comprehensive device specifications). These minimum specifications are recommendations, the software may work well even when minimum requirements are not met.

  • Android (version 8.0 smartphones & tablets or above)

  • Apple iOS (iPhone 4S or above)

  • Apple iOS (iPad, 1st generation or better)

  • Windows 10 (Desktops & tablets)


The above version does not require an active internet connection after initial download. Once the desired GraphoGame application is downloaded from the application store, the application will never require an internet connection, nor send any data to external servers. All usage data and children’s personally identifiable information cannot be accessed or collected by Grapho Group Oy.

Media and Reviews

“...Game-changing gift to Jamaican schools."

Good News Jamaica

“...Game-changing literacy app for kids."


“...bridging gaps in early childhood education..."

 Jamaica Observer

“Jamaican students benefit from app developed in Finland."

Jamaica Loop News

“...interactive, intuitive and user friendly..."

Our Today

“GraphoGame presents a fun way of learning that appeals to children's different styles of learning such as auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. It is motivating and practical, as its content is structured to help our children who are struggling with reading to do well.”

-Ronique Holgate 

-Author, Educator, Mother

"Playing through GraphoGame I was very impressed with its simplicity and ability to deliver educational gameplay in a form factor that is both appealing and engaging for younger users.  Each challenge offers great visual feedback to reward the player for getting the correct answer."

-Steven Grier

-Senior Game Play Engineer, Electronic Arts

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