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We Are R.E.A.D.Y.

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All Jamaican students can achieve academic excellence. Understanding and identifying each student’s individual needs and learning style is the key. It will open the doors to the children of the future; they will be the pride of Jamaica.

Education for all is not complete or inclusive in the model foundation of a one size fits all system. The academic resources, trained teachers, and funding needed to provide a basic education for students with challenges is disproportionate, and in many cases nonexistent throughout the region. The most common types of specific learning disabilities are those that impact the areas of reading and math. The increased decline in test scores on the elementary and secondary school level is confirmation that there is a need for additional resources. We must come up with solutions when the Jamaican education system does not. It is time to implement a program that answers the question: are we READY?

A New Paradigm for Jamaica’s educational foundation will set clear objectives with an individualized purpose for each educational setting. Upon completing the necessary steps to complete those objectives, the READY initiative will assess all the resources needed for implementation. Our main goal is to provide the academic resources, talented teachers, and funding necessary to the schools that are in desperate need of our help. We aim to get them READY.

Our “READY – SET – GO” campaign kicks off with our READY project (Resources; Education for all; Achievement; Dedication; Youth first) with the Windward Institute December 2020.

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We are partners with;         

            The Windward Institute, NY

  Higher Potential for Learning, NV

               ISSA Trust Foundation, FL

             RISE to Education, Jamaica

              AYS Consults Ltd, Jamaica

           Kozy Korner Books, Jamaica

           Digital Foundation, Jamaica

Windward Logo.png

The Windward Institute

Windward Institute's mission is to increase childhood literacy rates by disrupting the educational status quo to save more lives. A multi-disciplinary team of educators, counselors, social workers and coaches will oversee the pilot programs guided by scientifically proven research from The Windward Institute. 

WWKIDS has negotiated a 2-1/2 year pilot program with The Windward Institute, targeting the early childhood years PreK to Grade 2.


Rise To Education

In order to see a change, we must be that change. As youth, we will use our power and strength to bring forth this change in the form of educational opportunities, thereby motivating and encouraging discipline, humility and empowering values to create well rounded and intelligent citizens of our country. We aim to have instilled " that change.., in other to guarantee a fruitful chain reaction. We believe every child deserves unbiased access to education. Rise To Education (RTE) is a Jamaican based non-profit organization whose goal is to increase marginalized children’s access to education through support by fellow youth.

HPFL Logoclay.png

Higher Potential For Learning LLC

Dr. Karine Clay Ph.D. is the CEO of Higher Potential for Learning (HPL) and Higher Learning Community (Non-Profit) a recognized educational consulting and training organization that provides parents, education professionals, and policymakers with the skills needed to promote a healthy, positive learning culture for all children within their own diverse environments. Dr. Clay is an educational psychologist, organizational health consultant, author, and motivational speaker with a demonstrated ability to create and execute strategies and initiatives; to improve psychosocial wellbeing, organizational culture, program outcomes, and performance of clients. She has done an exemplary job demonstrating her skills and expertise as the keynote speaker and facilitator of workshops in Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica.

AYS logo.jpeg

AYS Global Consults LTD

AYS Global Consults is a management consulting firm, which offers customized advisory services to the public and private sector, as well as non-profit organizations across a wide range of industries. Combining the experience of senior professionals from a variety of backgrounds, our boutique firm delivers high quality consulting services and project implementation support to address the needs of our clients.


Kozy Korner Books

Kozy Korner Books is Jamaica's first and only interactive children's book store. We are an innovative source of literacy and creativity for kids, and we hope you and your young ones will join us on this journey. We offer a wide selection of books, for first time readers to early teens. We also offer seasonal selections of Kozy Boxes to delight and entertain as gifts or party give-aways.


ISSA Trust Foundation

The Issa Trust Foundation was established in 2005 by Couples Resorts as a nonprofit organization. The mission of the Foundation is to provide a system of prevention, health promotion and education, community health improvement and other services to promote well-being and development for the people of Jamaica. 
The Foundation strives to provide an environment conducive to the educational needs of children in collaboration with other community resources. Together, through educational and professional programs, we will work with, and advocate for families to provide a safe, nurturing and permanent home for children.

Issa Trust Foundation is the main sponsor of Graphogame Awareness Campaign Launch in Jamaica.


DigiCell Foundation - WELCOME TO THE FUTURE

We focus on four pillars of strength: Education, Community Development, Special Needs, and Entrepreneurship. By activating these pillars, we sow seeds of courage, quality of life, access to educations, and self-reliance. Creating sustainability through technology and experiences that make a difference, our Foundation and its partners are working to create a culture of inspiration throughout the Caribbean.

Digicel Foundation is a partner for the nationwide Awareness Campaign for Graphogame in Jamaica.

Pilot Schools
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Pilot Schools

The first recipients in Jamaica will be Vaz Preparatory School - Kingston, Lannaman's Preparatory School - Kingston and  Gideon Educational Centre - Portland.


Vaz has over 60 years of excellence that teaches, nurtures and motivates each child for life. Our philosophy is ‘A sound mind in a sound body with a sound soul’. This is a delicate balance of the academic training of the mind and that of the body through extra-curricular activities reinforced with the principles for exemplary moral living.


The Lannaman’s Preparatory School had its genesis in September 1975 at Montgomery Avenue, Kingston 10. A Private Institution founded by its now Director, Miss Marcia DeHaney opened its doors with only two students. With a student enrollment of over 300 students and a staff of 25 teachers Lannaman’s has become one of the best Preparatory Schools in the island.

Gideon Logo.png

Gideon Education Centre offers courses in leadership and social skills, writing and reading, mathematic, technology and environmental awareness. It is an inclusive learning community that nurtures our children, espouses excellence, utilizes available technology, and facilitates the professional development of our teachers.

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